3d printing enclosure for 4 relay from control anything board

Im looking for a 3d print enclosure file for the relay board with photon.

Also a photon enclosure 3d print file is welcome

Thank You

Have you searched?

@IOTrav do you know of any 3d printable enclosures already out there for the control anything relay boards, by any chance?

Thanks for the ping @gusgonnet

@wgbartley did share a 3D printed enclosure for a CE relay controller here, but for the life of me I cannot remember how many relays were on that board.

that is correct, and the page links to this 2 relay board:

thanks for the info, and let us know if you have anything around for 4 relays :slight_smile:

Not that I’m aware of. That is the only 3d printed enclosure I know of for our Particle Relay controllers. If you want to put a bounty out for it I will give whoever creates the 3D enclosure a free 4 channel Photon relay controller less shipping to test the fit.

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I’m a sucker for designing enclosures!

@IOTrav - Challenge accepted! I’ll design and print one for you guys.

@gusgonnet - Is it this one? Just wanted to make sure for clarification.


Same here. @IOTrav if you have any other boards/sensors you want an enclosure for just let me know, as long as I have one of the devices or a good mechanical drawing I can whip them up pretty quickly.


@Lagartus: can you confirm if that is the board you want an enclosure for? :wink:

yes it is.

Mechanical drawing here:

Let me know when you have the design complete, PM me your shipping address and I will get one shipped out to you.

If you purchase any of our boards in the future and you design/contribute a well documented 3D printed enclosure that no one else has done before. I will see to it that you receive in store credit for the value of the board so you are essentially getting it for free(less shipping).

I will honor this for any other user who does this. Maybe I will speak with management and see about having this announced to all of our email subscribers.