Passwordless Wifi

Is there a way to connect my core to a wifi access point without a password? Thanks!

Hey @theicfire - I’m guessing you have an Android phone? This is a bug that we recently discovered; we will be fixing it this week and updating the app so that it can handle Wi-Fi networks without a password.

In the meantime, you can download Texas Instrument’s Smart Config app or program it over USB. Check out the connection options here:

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Great thanks. Yes I do have an android phone. I’ll just wait for now!

Hey. Just food for thought. I also use an open WiFi. However, My access point(netgear WNAP210) allows me to have multiple WIFI SSID’s. I left the original WIFI SSID with no password alone so I wouldn’t have to go change all my settings on all my devices currently connected and created a new wifi SSID, I called it SPARK, and set it up with a password so that I could get around the android app issue.

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