Connecting to open wifi network

How to connect the Spark core to an open wifi network since no password is required?

Never tried it over the Spark tinker App but i know it works over USB :smile:

cool, thanks kennethhlimcp!
I will give it a try!

Can you try the tinker mobile app?

If it doesn’t maybe we can get the :spark: team to take a look :smile:

The tinker app will ask for a password.
It would allot simpler if the tinker app would allow to connect and awesome! I am at the hockey arena tonight where there is open wifi so I will have a look again.

HAHA! You’re really bring the core to the level where it should be man… Going through an Open network confidently cos security is in place :wink:

But i highly doubt you can send the credentials via Wifi using their network. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried in my school and i only got to blinking cyan… Which means it can’t get to the cloud cos most likely they blocked the port.

Have fun!

@zachary I guess this might be good on the App backlog to work with open network? :blush:

You have piqued my curiosity. What would you be doing with a Spark at a hockey arena? Are we talking pee-wee, beer league, pro?

Hrmm.. I wonder what could be done with a :spark:-powered jumbotron...

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Jumbotron control would be cool but I was thinking I could collect data during an event such as traffic flow
mmmm beer

@Dup @kennethlimcp You can definitely connect to open networks using both Android and iOS :spark: apps—just hit the connect button with the password field blank. :thumbsup:

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works like a charm :wink:

Thanks, I will try it tonight…maybe over a beer at the rink hehe


I hate resending credentials every time I travel to some other friends house. Therefore I use Spark together with Android tablet or Smartphone (Nokia Lumia) and set a network sharing feature allowing Spark to connect to it. One hardcoded wifi spot in Spark is not a good feature for travelling through many wifi-enabled places.

I could be mistaken, but I thought the Core could store up to 8 different credentials. Depending on how many friends you’re planning on visiting with a Core, 8 spots should normally be sufficient for most tasks :wink:
A phone hotspot is of course a good alternative if you’re traveling with it, if your carrier allows it.

Don’t know about 8 diff credentials feature unless it was published in past two weeks I was offline.

It was there much earlier I believe, but I can’t seem to find any documentation of it at the moment. Maybe one of the elite Sparkies can shed some more light? Might also be useful to add it to the docs somewhere for future reference.
By holding down the MODE button until it starts blinking blue (listening mode), you should be able to configure additional WiFi credentials. Give it a try next time, it’s certainly more convenient than having to create a hotspot every time you want to use your Core.

#define SMART_CONFIG_PROFILE_SIZE 67 // 67 = 32 (max ssid) + 32 (max key) + 1 (SSID length) + 1 (security type) + 1 (key length)

I found this information in the core-common-lib

I did a test with my :spark: core by pressing only the MODE button for ~3s and it entered blinking blue.

Connected it to my phone AP and got it to become breathing cyan. Turned off the phone AP and it automatically connected back to my home Wifi.

Hope this helps!

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Found it, it was confirmed in this topic a while ago.

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Exactly @Moors7, and just to go even further back to the source for @cyberluke, here's the Simple Link API documentation for saving a profile on the CC3000. It says:

Up to 7 profiles are supported.


I am sitting at Starbucks with my core and I want to show my buddy how it works but it flashes green after a few secs. I left the credentials empty but it does not seem to connect. Any thoughts?

Does the wifi there require you to go through some sort of code entry / web page authorization first? Basically, if you fire up a web browser and try to go to some place like, does it redirect you to another web page first? I haven’t been on Starbucks wifi in years, but I remember having to enter a code into a web page before I could actually get out to the internet. If that’s still the case, the Core will not be able to connect.

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