How to move to another Wi-Fi network


Is there an easy way to move a SparkCore with an own application from one Wi-Fi network to another Wi-Fi network?
Until now I always first install the Tinker App then connect it to the other Wi-Fi network. After successful connection I have to flash my own application again.
Btw. I don’t use the IDE but the toolchain (make and dfu-util).


You can hold mode button until it starts blinking blue and keep pressing until it makes short faster burst of blue. Now Core have forgotten wi-fi, but still has same application in it. This is quite fast if you use usb serial to give wifi credentials. I never figured out how mobile app works, but I guess it should works the same without Tinker firmware. (Blue mode doesn’t run user app, which also the Tinker firmware is).

If networks aren’t in overlapping area, you could just move to different network area and Core should go to blue mode because it can’t find programmed network. I think it should remember 4 networks.

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Sorry, bro but your suggestion is not helping me. An error message is shown on my screen saying unable to perform the operation.

@weakset, thanks. I got the SparkCore in the blinking blue mode. Then you mention to give the wifi credentials via the usb, how to do that?

EDIT: Solved, via the terminal start with ‘w’, the SparkCore will ask for SSID, then security and password. Great saves a lot of time.


Install drivers, connect via serial (eg. with PuTTY) and press w.

You guys are awesome. :smile:

Also you don’t technically need to clear wifi profiles (hold mode until fast flash), the core can store 7 wifi profiles I believe, so if you just throw it back into ‘listening mode’ and add credentials, it should add it to its list of saved profiles.

Can we do this from our own code, from WITHIN the core? I woudl love to get this runnign via a connected bluetooth module etc.


I’d just checkout the code surrounding the serial wifi credentials reader, specifically:

wifi_add_profile_callback (called from here: )

from here:

I think the trick is that the Wifi profile has to be saved to the CC3000, but let me know if you’d want a more thorough example.


I’m trying to do this and I’ve found no way, I want to do it without a computer and only with my phone.

If I press mode until its flashing slow and enter the credentials in my phone the core does nothing and the phone says no cores found. I also tried pressing it until it flashed fast.

What am I doing wrong? :frowning:

I think my phone was having some kind of problems, I got it using the desktop version!

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