How does the Spark Core companion app set the wifi SSID and password on the core?

When using the Spark Core companion app to connect the Core to Wi-Fi, how does the SSID and password on your mobile device get sent to the actual core unit?

What technologies and technical details?

Hi @trung,

you can read more about Smart-Config by TI here:


If someone would like sample code on iOS 7… Please PM Me… I can share some code I wrote in X-CODE for this…

Can not seem to PM. I suspect I need a minimum post count first. I would be interested in your app code.

Thank you!


I just checked this post. if you are still interested, give me a couple of days to zip it and send it to you. I am working on an objective-c singleton to take care of this… However there are some compiler issues since if you build for the simulator it will throw all kinds of errors, so I am working on cleaning it up…

Ok, so i Rushed a bit and here is some OBJ-C code… No sample project just yet, but this should be enough to get you started. Is straight fwd… Is a singleton class I made that wrapped all the complexities from TI original file, including checking if you are on the simulator or on the device.

Hope it helps. There’s a small readme with sample code.