Particle SIM for CAT-M1 3rd party modems in Canada

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I’ve looked up the APN settings to use Particle SIM on my 3rd party CAT-M1 modem in Canda and found it to be: broadband, however, I’m unable to register on any network in Canada.
I’ve used the same modem using a Hologram SIM and was able to register on Rogers.

I’ve also tried the following APNs but with no luck too:,



The Particle SIM card, the physical 4FF plastic nano SIM card, does not support LTE Cat M1. It only supports 2G/3G.

While the Boron LTE/E Series LTE/Electron LTE/B402 SoM do support LTE Cat M1 in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, they use a MFF2 SMD SIM which is configured for a different set of carriers.

There are actually three different SIMs; the third is the MFF2 in the Boron 2G/3G which has a different set of carriers than the Electron/E Series and LTE.

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Thanks @rickkas7
It makes sense now.
Is there any plan to have 4FF or 3FF SIM for CAT-M1 support?

There are currently no plans for a physical SIM card with LTE M1 carrier support.

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