Particle.publish() stops working on Electron


Here’s a weird one. Everything was working just right, when all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, Particle.publish simply stopped working.

Some facts:

  1. Electron is breathing cyan.
  2. Able to read variable values via the console. (No functions defined.)
  3. Recompiled and reflashed user firmware.
  4. Updated system firmware.
  5. Ran particle keys doctor to get new set of keys.
  6. Tried with both NO_ACK and WAIT_ACK flags set.
  7. Loop doesn’t hang; after calling Particle.publish() execution continues.
  8. No console activity (no reset events; no reflash events; no published events).
  9. No webhook activity, although webhook test works fine.
  10. Reset, powered down, unplugged LiPo, full restart.

Nothing worked. I’m stumped. Any ideas appreciated! Cheers,


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The same here. Out of the sudden my electron stopped publishing events. I see nothing in Of course the same if I subscribe for events using curl.

According to this there was Particle server maintenance on 9th of May. In my opinion these somehow relates to the publishing problem.

I’ve had a similar problem recently - unsure if it is related.

It invovles the use of EEPROM commands, when I was doing a lot of read/wrties - I sense I stuffed up something in the EEPROM (not that the user storage area of the EEPROM should?? do anything to Particle.Publish).

See > Clearing EEPROM allowed me to use Particle Publish again - What the?

In my situation, I got it working again by clearing the EEPROM. However, nobody has responded to my thread yet - so it may not be the ‘real’ solution.

I wish there was a way to see also if a device has been blocked by the servers for too many publishes - that would allow ruling out any restrictions server side kicking in.

In my case none of mine 3 electrons is able to publish. On the other hand electrons register variables and functions correctly.

I don’t see any messages regarding devices coming online. Absolutely nothing. Maybe I hit the monthly limit of published messages? Does anybody know what are the symptoms of hitting this limit?

@leo3linbeck could you private message me your device ID and the eventName that you are trying to publish and I can check the logs. Or create a support ticket.

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Thanks to @rickkas7, I figured out the problem.

A few months ago, when we first began our test deployment, we created a Product on the console, and I added the requisite PRODUCT_ID macro in the firmware. We had some problems at the time, so I deleted the product, but kept the PRODUCT_ID macro. Happiness ensued for many weeks.

However, and maybe related to the update @gkujawsk mentions above, the Particle cloud system suddenly realized I had a device that was assigned to a product that didn’t exist, and it put my device in quarantine. When in quarantine, I was not allowed to communicate with others, presumably to keep my infection from spreading.

The good news that I was able to create a new product in the console, add my device to that product, update the PRODUCT_ID macro with the new product number, recompile, and reflash, and event publishing started working again.

Thanks so much to @rickkas7 for his help! Cheers,



It may be this! Exactly. I have a PRODUCT_ID. I experimented with a Product and then gave up the idea during the development. I will check this out. Thanks leo3linbeck!


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BINGO! You were right. Thanks a million times.

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