Particle Photon TensorflowLite Code White Light


I flashed a firmware that was originally flashed in the Argon for testing purposes and now I am testing this on the photon.

When this code that contains a large tensorflowlite model (30kb) is flashed into the photon, it flashes with completion(local flash) and exits on the cli.

But then when I connect the power, it just turns white and pulses. It does not even go green like it I flash any other firmware. I checked the code again but it does not contain any wifi related functions so I doubt the wifi is off as the debug page says.

In order to exit this state, I pressed on both the reset and the setup buttons before connecting the power line and then inserted the cord so that it would go to dfu mode and so I can flash another firmware. The firmwares that I tested before work fine.

For reference, the configuration is set to 1.5.4rc1 photon, the code previously worked on argon, I got rid of all configurations related to the argon, the libraries being run are tensorflowlite and mpu9250. Maybe some specs changed in 1.5.4rc1?

Thank you.