Particle Photon breathing white after local node.js server is restarted

We have about 10 devices connected to local node.js instance. We are observing that after we do firmware upgrade or restart the local node.js server while the devices are running, some of the particle photon devices go into a breathing white mode and the application firmware is not running (as we do not see it online on the node.js side).However, after resetting the device, the devices run normally.

Does anyone know why this happens? What is this mode and what does it signify? I cannot find much info about this state of the device.


Breathing white would indicate that there was a call of in your code - or if running a non-AUTOMATIC SYSTEM_MODE() your code failed to issue a WiFi.on() command.

A less common but also possible cause may be a System.sleep(timeout) call that switches the WiFi module off too.

The colour codes are listed in the docs and in Web IDE via the :question: icon