Status LED flashing White

I have a Photon that starts flashing white after a while (really flashing, not breathing; frequency about 1,5Hz) . After I reset the device through the RST pin, it functions again normally for a while, until it starts flashing again.
As far as I can see it shows this behaviour only when the device is connected to WiFi/Cloud.
When the device is connected to WiFi/Cloud (breathing cyan) and I then disconnect (through my software), the device breaths white as normal.

As this behaviour is reproduceable (I verified this with another device) and it is a really solid flashing frequency, I assume that this is known-, though not-documented behaviour of the Photon.

Does anyone knows what this means???

@Jan_dM - since the issue is reproducible, can you do so while grabbing some logs via Photon Cloud Debug?

I have modified my design NOT using the RST pin anymore, but using MANUAL mode and connect through another un-used input. That solved the issue of flashing white. Now -after a few minutes- it disconnects and switches back to breathing white, which seems good.
In both cases the device however still disconnects after a few minutes as if there is some kind of “time-out” in the cloud/WiFi connection. Are there any built-in time-outs in the system for safety reasons or so???.

Hi Jan! Nope - nothing on that timescale. That looks like either an application firmware bug (test with a blank sketch) or a network issue (see my request for Photon Cloud Debug logs and please see our WiFi Troubleshooting Guide.

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