White rapid blinks?

I’m having a slight problem with a Photon now - it takes forever to connect to the Particle Cloud. It just blinks (quickly/100ms-ish) White and only manages to connect after trying 2-3 minutes.

Are there problems with Particle Cloud at the moment? According to the Status-page, all services should work fine.

Isn’t the white blinks what happens when the initial Wifi connection happens? Could the White blinks might be triggered by having sensors connected that consume too much power? If so - why did it work error free last week, but not now…? Am puzzled…

hello jenschr,
Something’s up with the Cloud. See rapid cyan flashes on photon for more info there.

Yeah. I can see my sensors going offline and coming back on all the time. It’s somewhat disappointing that this isn’t listed on http://status.particle.io

Is this still happening? I know from the thread listed above^ that the problems they had are clearing up.