Particle P1 Device ID's from SeeedStudio and other Hardware Partners

What is the correct approach to mfg’ing in volume for particle p1 as it relates to seeedstudio and other hardware partners for particle?

I just received 5 PCB’s + Assembly from Seeed Studio. The PCB’s look great and I haven’t tested them, but appear to all be functional and free of defects. There are however some problems.

  1. I emailed the particle team early on asking if they could help me get a list of the deviceID’s from SeeedStudio, but the rep from particle seemed to be confused as to what I was talking about.

  2. No one at Seeed Studio understood what I was talking about or why I needed these devices ID’s.

  3. It took about 3 months from the time I placed my order with Seeed Studio to get my pcbs. I placed my order on January 1st, and received my pcb’s today. To their credit (or maybe DHL’s) the DHL shipping was incredibly fast, took basically a weekend to go from china to my front door. So while not bad, not great either. I was expecting 1-2 months (of course I did get caught in CNY, so that might have had something to do with it).

So, all of the above being said, what is the expectation from Particle Hardware Vendors when it comes to providing a list of Particle P1 Device ID’s for easy import into the console when adding device id’s to the product?

Luckily each particle p1’s address is available via jtag, serial, and even wifi, but it would be a much more streamlined process to get a list of the device id’s right up front from the hardware vendor.

So why did no one at particle or seeed understand what I was talking about? This is the email I received back in Nov. from


Please feel free to move this to hardware, however, my question is really about what our expectations should be of particle hardware partners in the context of “cloud setup flow” as well as “product creation” when it comes to providing the device IDs.

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Unfortunately you’ll need to manually pull the device IDs from the devices when ordering boards from Seeed.

When you order P1s from the Particle wholesale store in tray or reel you get an email with your device IDs, but the system doesn’t extend into Seeed, mainly because we have no idea what portion of the reel you’re getting.

Rick @ Particle

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That makes sense,

Thanks for answering my query. Perhaps Particle would consider this as a potential area for improvement in the future in terms of your supply chain logistics with your CM or EM?

I think it would also be helpful to enhance your documentation where appropriate with this limitation to avoid any further confusion.

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