Manufacturing in China / Getting the modules to China


we have started manufacturing our product.

Its got the Particle P1 in it.

The problem is that P1 is not available in China.

To get these items to China I have to

  1. buy them from the Particle Wholesale shop (Shipping to Australia $50)
  2. Ship to China from Australia ($80 shipping costs)
  3. Pay import duty in china (~$300+)

This is now by far the most expensive item on our BOM.

Is there a better way to do it?

If the item is made in China, can we buy the P1 in China?


That is why for us (UK based) it makes sense to use a Photon instead and have a board made with SMT headers - we can just insert the Photon when we get the boards - that continues to make sense with 1500 a year.

What sort of quantities are you making?


Thats a nice idea.

You have all the USB stuff taken care of.

Iā€™m making 200pcs


I will also have to change our PCB to use the Photon instead of P1.

Because now our P1s are stuck in chinese customs who say it will take 10 days at least for 2 departments to release this shipment.

Does anyone know if the p1 module can be purchased in china?