P2 Modules available at JLCPCB

Hey @no1089 I had asked about this a while back and it sounded like there was going to be some progress on this but my topic was automatically closed after no more inputs.

Is there a plan to have p2 modules available at JLCPCB for incorporating into assemblies with them.

If not, do you have any guidance on how to do a part consignment to them.

thanks for any input you can provide.


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Hi Kevin,

I'm following up with the team to check if we're in a position to guarantee shipments from within mainland China for consignment - which would be to only option unless they choose to stock P2 modules themselves.

Thanks Chris.

Hi Kevin,

We're waiting on a response, and I should have news by the end of the week.

@iitgrad Just letting you know we've not forgotten about this.
Our team in China is working on getting this sorted.

Awesome, thanks Chris @no1089

I've spoken to the team - there are some difficulties with getting our devices in stock at JLCPCB - mostly payments, parties involved, and customs.

The team will be addressing this, but it will be a while before it's possible.

Consignment is an option with JLCPCB - but I'm aware of their within mainland-China shipment restrictions, though they accepted a few Items I sent from Taiwan last year.