Particle P0 as network gateway ONLY

I am trying to build a mass produced board and used teh photon to prototype it. However, in production, i want to use a larger, dedicated ARM MCU. I am curious if I can still use the P0 as teh network gateway, the same as you would an ESP chip. I have been trying for days to get ESP to compile simple code and i want to write them off completely if i can.

You’ll be struggling uphill. ESP32 is exponentially faster. I suggest keep going with the ESP32. Depending on the use case, perhaps checkout mongoose-os as it takes a number of rough edges off!

holy crap, thanks mate! yea, for my big power designs, integrating an 8266 is easy, but when i need a simple ‘module” an esp32 is ideal, but coding was killing me. arduino ide is…arduino, garbage, and getting eclipse to play nicely with esp-idf was a nightmare. ill download mongoose and give it a try now. thanks!

VS Code was a walk in the park (and is also the base for Particle Workbench :wink: ).

i‘m not familiar with vscode, i normally use eclipse for coding. Mongoose appears to be a platform that will simplify a lot of my work, and i can replace the particle chips with ESP no worries. nothing personal, i love the photon, but in large scale, $10 for a p0 vs $4 for the esp32 is a massive price difference.

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Are there any other vendors like Mongoose out there for the Espressif chips? I am having troubles getting the demo to even flash. I really like teh idea of teh centralized management, and that is my primary need. I already have a reliable MQTT server that I will be using for OTA and messaging.

i should clarify, my issue was with the 8266, not the esp32, im working through it, but all the same, its a good chance to evaluate all vendors.

I hear has ESP32 integration that was recommended by others along with mongoose as good programming platforms.