Particle Firmware and ecosystem for ESP8266

Hello all,
I guess this is more for the Spark/Particle team then everyone. With the creation of the DigiStump Oak using the Particle ecosystem we might be getting closer what I want but here goes.

I’d love to be able to use any of the ESP8266 versions out there (though I assume esp-12 or ones with 2-4mg flash memory) with your particle esp. I believe the ability to use a web ide and push OTA code updates to the esp will not only open it up to the masses but actually make the Particle platform even more popular.

When the Arduino IDE finally worked with the ESPs it definitely helped open up the platform.


  1. Are there any plans of opening up Particle and providing a firmware for ESP hardware (other then OAK)
  2. I see quite a lot of open source efforts on Particles part (and loving it). The Spark open server, Spark/photon firmware, spark protocols and a few others. How hard is it to make something custom to esp hardware? Are all the tools available and is it allowed by Particle (seems so from what i’ve seen).
  3. Any help is appreciated an what services can Particle provide?

I’m not very well versed with C++ but i’ve been involved a little bit in the ESP Arduino IDE and SMING platforms. There are many many win wins for getting ESP up and running on Particle.

Thoughts, ideas, comments and/or any code pointers on how to move forward?


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