Connect to particle cloud using ESP8266

Hi Technical team,

I am using ESP8266 WiFi module for my project and my project is based on IOT.

I want to connect to particle cloud as i already worked with particle cloud while using Redbear Duo.

Please let me know whether can we be able to connect to particle cloud using ESP8266 WiFi module?
If yes, please suggest me how can i achieve that.

Regards & Thanks,
Chetan Hiremath

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The cloud communication needs to be encrypted in a very special way and is run by the Particle system firmware on these devices.
So as a prerequisite to even be able to talk to the Particle cloud you’d need the Particle system (or big parts of it) on your device.
And then to be allowed on the cloud you’d need to get that device provisioned by Particle. After all their cloud is a paid service. For their own devices and “affiliate” devices like the Duo lifetime access was included in the price of the device but with a third party device you’d need to do that extra.
So currently chances are slim, but things might change over time.


Or, if you are happy with not being able to use Particles “Product” features there’s always the, which is an esp8266 module provisioned to Particle

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If I remember correctly, Particle is hiring / has just hired a developer to bring ESP8266 and ESP32 to the Particle platform.

The job listing was up until recently.