Anyone wanna help port the ESP32 to Particle (unofficially)?

I’ve started on writing the Hardware Abstraction Layer for the ESP32, specifically the ESP-WROOM-32 because I just made a circuit using it and need to work on porting it to Particle before 60 copies of it arrive in the mail. I’ve never written a HAL before.

From the looks of it, a lot of people would love the two merged together, which is why I ask if anyone wants to help. Particle claims it is not up to their security standards. So it has to be done unofficially.

Here’s what I got so far and I’ll try to update that as I make progress.
Following their guide I’ve currently gotten into the part where I gotta learn to write a linker script. It’d be cool if anyone knew linker script stuff already.
I believe I have gotten the memory addresses correctly put in the script, referencing the ESP32 Manual for data btw. That’s all I got for now.

One place that might already be doing this might be given they already make an esp8266 version at the very least their source for that could be useful.

I wonder what the security issue is, presumably it is the same thing that stops the Oak being device you can create a Product around in the console…

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I would guess that it is physical security of data. Users have access to the EFUSE ROM and can write their own, prettymuch letting users pretend to be other devices. Also a possibility is physical access to data like JTAG or something, idk. First one seems more likely.