Particle Mesh is shipping: everything you need to know


@nathanpdaniel, the Boron comes with a Particle eSIM on the board. There is also a nano-SIM socket if you want to use your own 3rd party SIM.


Oh fancy! Thank you for the info! I had no idea (and didn’t catch that in the docs).


I wanted to cross-post this here too since there was lots of talk on shipping timelines in this thread too.


I never received an invoice either but I do know that my card was charged and my order date was 2/13. Just wanted to check whether it’s already shipped?


@mnelsoneorm - Hey! I don’t think your order has shipped yet! Most are being queued up with our logistics company today, and like I mentioned before, depending on when your original order was placed, will begin shipping out soon!


My credit card has been charged 10 days ago (my bank sms-ed me).
And I received a paid invoice 6 days ago by email.

I haven’t received any tracking number or shipping update since then.
Do I need to worry?


There can be some time between the payment email and shipping email. Shouldn’t be a reason for worry as far as I’m concerned.


@fendytan - Hey! @Moors7 is right, there’s no need to worry about it. If you check out the other thread about Mesh Shipping, I go over all of that. You can see that thread here. Long story short, we needed to charge the cards early to account for any issues with payments, addresses, etc, so they got charged and you should have received an invoice for that.

Based on when you placed your order, you can expect your order to ship out today through the next 10-12 days as we’re going to be shipping around 500 orders a day. I apologize for the delay with things, but if you check out the other thread, you can get a better idea of what was going on.



I am working on a product which we are hoping to use particle mesh for. From what I understand most of the pre-orders will be fulfilled in the next few weeks. I was wondering, if I were to purchase a board from the retail store today, is there any way I could get an estimated time that would ship?

Looking forward to working with the boards.

Thank you,


It would ship out a few days after the pre-orders finished shipping, so end of november/early december!


Perfect! Thank you!


When I ordered it said early November - is that still not the case? Any way to tell where we are in the Q?

Will you post when all pre-orders have been filled?



@tchaffee - It looks like you placed your order through the retail store after the first preorder ended. Your order will go out after the initial preorder run like I mentioned above, at the end of november/early december.


Thanks - please keep us posted here if things change. I am eager to get started :slight_smile:


Will do! Also, the other thread I have going Mesh Pre-order Shipping FAQ's has lots of information too, so keep an eye there too.


I received my billing notification last Tuesday and then shipment notification Wednesday and received the order today. 1 Boron, 2 Argons and 3 Xenons. So, they are coming!