Update on Particle Mesh Timeline

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give you all an update from the Particle team on the progress of our upcoming Particle Mesh line of products.

When Mesh was announced in back February, we targeted a ship date of July 2018 but, with current product development timeline, Particle Mesh will now ship to preorder customers in September 2018.

We’re committed to providing as much transparency into our development effort as possible throughout the spring and summer, so we’ve created a list of public milestones that will allow you to track our progress towards final delivery.

So why has the ship date slipped?

The Particle Mesh family features cutting-edge communication protocols like Thread, Bluetooth 5, and LTE M1/NB1 which require entirely new silicon that, in some cases, has never been deployed in a product before. There are benefits to working with these powerful new technologies for both you and our team, but it also means our engineering teams are working through new challenges — limited access to hardware samples, quickly evolving chipset SDKs, and unexpected firmware bugs.

We hope you’ll follow along with us as the team works to bring you Particle Mesh. If you have questions, please feel free to ask away here in our community forums — our team is here to help out with answers.

Joe Quinn
Particle Community Manager


Hi Joe, I work in software development too so I understand the slip.
If you need beta testers please let me (and the community) know!
The transparency is appreciated and a nice touch - thank you.


Will do, Gustavo! Thanks for the understanding, it really does mean a lot.


@Joe Life is good, so excited for the new platform!! Let me know if you need another beta tester, I’m a Senior SRE by day so am use to being very detail orientated when investigating issues.


Life is good!

Thanks for understanding, Albert - we’ll keep you in mind for beta testing to be sure.


Hi Joe,

no problem for me. I’m sure it’s worth the waiting to get high quality products in my hands instead of getting any early crap.

Keep on going with your great work!

Best Regards,


Many thanks, fellow Joe.

Mesh will be worth the wait, I promise.

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If you ever need to test some products in Canada, feel free to let me know. I can easily have (connection-wise) products tested in the major Canadian cities, as availability of the LTE-M network isn’t quite at the same stage everywhere


@Vitesze where are you finding LTE-M1 in Canada? I can’t get any answers from Bell.

Not upset with you all, but still super bummed.

Keep up the hard work!

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We’re SO bummed too, @ThereIsNoSky. Thanks for understanding.

This is totally OK, I think all of us who work in engineering feel your pain!

I don’t know if this is the place to ask about such things, but soon after the announcement one of our clients was enquiring with us about the possibility of implementing the new mesh-enabled particle products within a project. So my question is whether the stand-alone modules, ala the P0 and P1, for the 3rd generation mesh products is likely to launch in a similar timeframe to the development boards. Or is that something which is likely to come a little later? Thanks.

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We haven’t nailed down a specific date yet but it’s likely it will be after Mesh preorders begin to ship in September. I’ll be sure to keep the community updated as the timeline comes into form.


How do we update delivery details? Or perhaps cancel orders?

I’ll be moving later this summer and would like to ensure my order is updated.


Any chance this means you guys will be implementing BLE 5 for full use and not just setup?

Wishful thinking on my part.

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I was hoping for the same thing.

I saw Adafruit has the same chip on hand now so I’m pretty sure they will take advantage of the BLE 5 and since they release everything open source that may help Particle with BLE. But only time will tell :slight_smile:

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From what I know, Particle plans on adding a BLE API but only after the initial release of the mesh products. No specific timeline has been discussed as of yet.


Sorry for missing this, Daz!

We’ll send an email out closer to the ship date asking for the most up-to-date shipping address, so you’ll be able to change it then. Also, if you decide to add any additional items to your pre-order, when you’re adding these new items, you’ll be able to edit the address there too.

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