Particle Mesh pre-order: boards or kits?

I’m excited that Particle mesh begins shipping soon, but I have one question. For the preorders of boards will I receive just the board or the kit? Eg: Argon vs Argon Kit

I have received an email from Will Hart with the following information which implies you will receive a kit for each pre-ordered processor

"Complimentary upgrades

As a small gesture to thank you for your patience over the last several months, we’ve upgraded all dev kit preorders to include Particle prototyping accessories, free of charge. With each Xenon, Argon, or Boron that you preordered, you’ll receive a complementary USB cable, breadboard, and sample project to help you start your Particle Mesh journey.

Note that this complimentary upgrade for all preorder customers is different from the Particle Mesh Starter Pack referral reward which includes an additional item, the Particle FeatherWing Tripler. Individuals who earned this referral reward during the preorder period will receive both upgrades to their order."


Excellent. Thanks.

dang, what am I going to do with 50 bread boards???

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Donate some of them to a local school for STEM projects?