Particle Mesh Starter Pack

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So it seems like Particle Mesh Starter Pack should also include “a component pack with a beginner-friendly mesh starter project” but the only thing I have received with my preorder is a FeatherWing Tripler. What happened with the rest of the starter pack?

I think this refers to the breadboard, photocell, and LED included with the Argon and Boron kits.

You might be right because there’s something like that included in each device’s dev kit, but the way it was formulated in the original post seemed like the starter pack should have been a single standalone item separate from the devices. I might have misunderstood that, though.

It was originally supposed to be a single standalone item.
However, due to the schedule delays, Particle compensated us with a kit for each device!
Somewhere I read also a recommendation to donate the extras to a makerspace or a school if they are really in excess of our developer needs.


Oh, that’s great! In this case I’m more than happy with the Particle team. :+1:

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I was curious why we got all those breadboards, resistors, etc.
When I ordered a photon I only expected and received a tiny box with a photon.
I was quite surprised with all the other stuff i the pre-order.

So I imagine, going forward, orders will not receive all that stuff (and the extra packaging it took to send).


The “referral Particle Mesh Starter Kit” consists of two things:

  • Tripler or Debugger

  • Starter project ( LED, a photodiode, and two resistors)

We made the decision to upgrade the preorders to the “kit” version of each product, which basically means we included the following for free:

  • USB cable

  • breadboard

  • starter project


We now have two different variants for every Particle device that mirrors the configuration for the Photon:

  • Photon dev board = just the PCB
  • Photon Kit = PCB + accessories

Similarly, after the preorder we introduced a similar set of combinations

Dev board only

  • Argon - $25
  • Boron - $49
  • Xenon - $15

Dev kit (includes breadboard and accessories)

  • Argon Dev Kit - $35
  • Boron Dev Kit - $59
  • Xenon Dev Kit - $25

Everyone who ordered in the preorder was upgraded from the promotional pricing on the Dev board (about 40% off retail) to the Development Kit configuration for free.