Mesh Pre-order Shipping FAQ's


Supposedly your position in the shipping queue is based off your original order date. This was done to prevent people who ordered first from being pushed back in line if they altered their order before the lockdown date.

I ordered the night of the announcement which would put me as one of the first in line but later modified the order mix which put me at order number 3891.

So consider that if you made any changes to your original order.


Hi guys,

We at Blynk are really excited to try Mesh, and pre-ordered a set of them back in… sometimes.

Unfortunately, we don’t get any replies from your support team. We tried a few times already. No luck.

Who should be our contact?



Here is the latest update from Particle:


Thanks. Fortunately, there is no hurry for us :slight_smile:

We only wanted to make sure that thousands of engineers could build smth awesome with Particle Mesh and Blynk asap.

Particle, if you can send us a demo kit sooner, we’d be happy to work on integration :wink:


Hey! Send me a DM about this and I’ll connect you with our marketing team :slight_smile:


Particle Mesh is shipping: everything you need to know

I still don’t really know if my order has shipped. I haven’t received an email specifically saying it has shipped yet.


Well, on one hand my order has not yet shipped…but on the other my order number is 1337! Beat that! Well…ok, any lower number beats that on one hand…but only I have the 1337 #@X0r number :slight_smile:


I never received an email saying that my order had shipped, but I just received my order!!! FYI my order was made on Feb13th at 12:30Pm for anyone else wondering about when theirs will ship


Thanks for the update @alex.bussiere. So now we now that not receiving shipping notification doesn’t imply order didn’t ship. By the way, did you receive the order invoice by email after you got charged for it?
If community members keep updating us, we’ll soon know better than Particle’s team about packages whereabouts :slight_smile:


What all did you receive?


Kevin, please update your post with absolute date ranges. You have given us relative dates in a forum where posts have relative time stamps.

This morning I received an order status email from you which was exciting because the first heading was “our order was charged, shipped, and you’ve received your products” Reading further I see this is a generic email with all the possible order status messages. You have a database of orders, use it to send relevant information to your customers.

Then I got to the unpleasant part. You said you are going to delete orders if you don’t charge my card by 5pm PST 11/16/18. I opened a support case and… heard nothing back. 5pm has come and gone. My order information is correct, and has been since the day I placed the order. As far as I can tell Particle has not attempted to charge my card. If you haven’t charged my card, how many other orders have the same problem? Please review orders and confirm you have sent emails containing specific information about the problems with each order to customers before deleting orders.

I look forward to receiving a shipment notification email next week.

@kmmonk quickly responded to my support ticket and my order is fine.


@spdif - Sorry for any confusion here! I replied to your ticket a little bit ago and you’re good to go there. I’ll work on editing my post to be more accurate and cause less confusion.


(try clicking the timestamps :wink:)


@Moors7 I had found mousing-over the time gives a date. I did not think to try clicking which gives the date and a link to the post. Thank you for the tip!


I ordered 2 Xenons, 2 Argons and some accessories - also I am in Canada


Hi @kmmonk

Just to let you know. My order was placed on the 14th, but I have still not received any shipping information. So the estimates given above might not hold.


Hello, I am an International customer - UK based. I have an invoice dated 2 November and was charged to my card a day after that. My order was originally made/confirmed on 13 February.
I have had no shipping notification.
I would really appreciate an update on your status of fulfilling orders.
My order includes 2 Argons - are you still waiting on receiving these to be able to ship them?


I’m also in the UK. Two Argons, two xenons, and two classic adapters. I wouldn’t usually jump on a bandwagon like this but I strangely received the paid invoice on the 17th. Originally ordered on the 13th February.

There was previously a mention of orders the had been “found” and had to be resubmitted. I’m assuming I was one of these which triggered the invoice to be sent?



hi everyone, i have come to the conclusion that sequence of the order numbers or the purported system of shipping orders in the order which they were placed has in reality not been effectively put into the process currently taking place. case in point is my order was confirmed within 15 minutes of the email announcing opening of orders at ~7:15am MST on feb 13. my supposed order number is MP1842. reading through this and other threads there are reports from other customers who have confirmed orders placed later who have much lower order numbers. so particles’ logic of the FIFO (first in, first out) sequence that has been promised by particle escapes me. i’ll add that none of the shipping issues really no longer concerns me as i have requested particle to hold my order til jan 2019 and they have stated they will. i still can not stop thinking the implementation of the process that particle states they have followed has been flawed.