Mesh Pre-order Shipping FAQ's


Hi @kmmonk ,

Perhaps consider sending an email update with the information above to customers (especially the part about shipping and when you actually charge the credit card). Currently it still has wrong information on the FAQ and finding this thread on the forum is probably not trivial for everyone.

Have a great day, and I am looking forward to receiving my order :slight_smile:


More good news there ! I almost didn’t add to my order because I was afraid of being kicked down the queue. I placed my order on the 16th of February, I’m probably bang in the middle of the dispatch run, my fingers are crossed for an expedition early next week.


That’s a good idea. I’ll connect with our marketing team to see if we can get something sent out.


@kmmonk If we added to our pre order, the original order date holds or is the order going to be delayed due to that?


How about this

Also quoted two posts up from yours.


While the delays have been a little frustrating the enormity of the task is not to be underestimated. Better to get it right than havean even longer trail rectifying problem deliveries.

In my case the latest delay has killed any chance of the package arriving before I leave for a month overseas. I have done what I can to cue the receiving store at this end so here’s hoping nothing goes wrong.

Thanks for the update and your attention to detail.


As a point of reference, I received my shipping notification email today, November 15th @ 12:30 am MST.

I placed my order on February 13th @ 10:33 am MST.


I ordered my Mesh set (one of each of the 4 devices) on Feb 14th.
My CC was charged Oct 31st
I have not received any invoice (as of Nov 15th @3:00PM CST) . I have not received any shipping confirmation.
Is my order messed up? Or is this normal?


Sounds normal.

You need to email support for a receipt for your credit card charge.

You will not be emailed a shipping receipt until after the order ships out that day.

Shipping has been delayed, so everybody is waiting to get that shipped email.


@boisebrewer - That’s great to hear! Glad to see some more MST representation too :smiley:

@kiguel - as @RWB mentioned, that all seems normal. If you need an invoice, reach out to us here and we can get that for you, but your order should be shipping soon!


That’s hopeful. I hope there’s nothing wrong with my order then, since I got my “Woohoo” letter at 9:07 AM PST on February 13, and I haven’t gotten a shipping notice. What was your MP number? Mine was 1541.




Supposedly your position in the shipping queue is based off your original order date. This was done to prevent people who ordered first from being pushed back in line if they altered their order before the lockdown date.

I ordered the night of the announcement which would put me as one of the first in line but later modified the order mix which put me at order number 3891.

So consider that if you made any changes to your original order.


Hi guys,

We at Blynk are really excited to try Mesh, and pre-ordered a set of them back in… sometimes.

Unfortunately, we don’t get any replies from your support team. We tried a few times already. No luck.

Who should be our contact?



Here is the latest update from Particle:


Thanks. Fortunately, there is no hurry for us :slight_smile:

We only wanted to make sure that thousands of engineers could build smth awesome with Particle Mesh and Blynk asap.

Particle, if you can send us a demo kit sooner, we’d be happy to work on integration :wink:


Hey! Send me a DM about this and I’ll connect you with our marketing team :slight_smile:


Particle Mesh is shipping: everything you need to know

I still don’t really know if my order has shipped. I haven’t received an email specifically saying it has shipped yet.


Well, on one hand my order has not yet shipped…but on the other my order number is 1337! Beat that! Well…ok, any lower number beats that on one hand…but only I have the 1337 #@X0r number :slight_smile: