Particle keys Doctor not working

I am having trouble getting the Electron to go to blue listening mode so I went to DFU mode and to update the electron. I ran particle update and then also npm install -g particle-cli
Both and worked fine. Still could not get to the blue listening mode so I then ran the doctor keys mode. I get the following error.

Please help me get to the blue listening mode. Thank you.

I found this thread which deals with your topic.

Wow — Quick response. I appreciate it.

I tried the suggestion while in DFU mode. I couldn’t get it to work. I am in blinking yellow mode and the computer identifies

Here is what my devices are like

Any help will be appreciated.

Could you remove the manual CLI installation, and then use the Particle CLI installer?
You might need to add DFU drivers using Zadig (do a quick forum search on DFU).
What does the device do when trying to place it into listening mode?

Thank you and others for your generous help. I need to do some research to figure out how to do that, but that is reasonable.
Unfortunately, I can’t put the device into listening mode - flashing dark blue. I can get it into the DFU yellow mode which I could use in the past to flash. Now I get the following problem:

Btw - I bought a photon for debugging a program. Seems easier to load and work with. But I need 3G support

We’ve seen the error by now :wink:
Using the installer is often the easiest way to get up and running.
How are you trying to put the device into listening mode, and what does it do?

@davidj2525, how do you try to place the device into Listening Mode (blinking blue)?
Maybe you can post a video of the process.

The normal way would be to power up the device first and then press and hold the SETUP button.

For your error message:

  • have you removed all instances of Particle CLI (maybe do a file search with Explorer)?
  • have you downloaded the CLI installer?
  • what version Node and npm are you using?
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Right now, I held the setup down for 5(?) seconds and got a dark blue flashing light for listening mode. Did not touch the reset button. I am very grateful for your continued help.

As way of thanking you, when this project is finished - remote sensing farm field moisture and temperature at various depths using the electron - I’d like to pass it on to be evaluated for inclusion in the code libraries. Please see this ATT commercial for a similar idea of what we want to do. We plan to make this code free ware.

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