Particle Events Not Working?

I’ve been deving an app and using POSTMAN to test my calls. Well earlier today I was issue calls to publish an event and they were showing just fine in the Particle Console. Now for some reason or another they are not coming in. I have used the CLI just to be certain but still no events are coming in… Is it possible I’ve reached a max number of tries? Or is something down for service?

Weird, I just discovered that my IFTTT actions suddenly stopped working. Can you run “particle list” from the command prompt and see if it shows your device online? Mine is showing offline despite it breathing cyan.

Particle is aware of the issue

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Hey All,

Thanks for posting, we had a key server go dark unexpectedly, and we’re working on restoring service. Thanks for your patience, we should have things back up soon, and have a full postmortem as soon as we can.


Sweet! I was thinking something was bad with my devices…

Yes my devices are also breathing Cyan but show as offline…

Would love to see a postmortem on this. So I can have an explanation for my client.

Literally went to demo the system to his dad and didn’t work.

Things should be back to normal now, we’re gonna let the team do a proper postmortem tomorrow so they can sleep now.


Yup seeing events flowing again. Thanks