Particle-dev serial console error

hello, since updating to the new particle dev i have been getting this error when attempting to connect to either of my 2 electrons. i don’t understand the reference to different atom builds, one supposedly locally installed since the only time i use atom is in using particle-dev.

edit::if it means anything i found an old copy of atom.exe during a search of c drive and it is associated with squirrel.exe which is linked to particle-dev in it’s install log

If you previously had installed Dev via the (now gone) installer, you may find a ParticleDev folder under Program Files or Program Files (x86).
In order to move on to the most recent version of Dev, just can replace the whole folder with the new one.

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ScruffR, thanks for the reply. i did not remember that Dev used to be installed. i did a c dive search via windows explorer search and all i found was the one i mentioned. but i looked and no Dev folders.i guess i’ll use putty to connect, that works.