Particle DEV not connecting to device

It took awhile for me to setup the particle-cli but after figuring out how to set it up behind a proxy I could login in using the command line. Now I want to use the Particle DEV, however it can’t select my Particle Electron. It just continuously looks for devices. I tried typing my device ID and device name too but it says no devices available.

On a side note, I can’t directly login into my account via DEV, the only way I can log on into the DEV is through the command line. I get “Error: connect ETIMEDOUT:” with an ip and port. I am thinking since this is a web based IDE I am going to run into the same proxy problem as before.

Does setting the proxy using the atom package manager work? I haven’t tried it, but it might.

apm config set proxy "http://user:pass@host:port"
apm config set https-proxy "http://user:pass@host:port"

I set the apm proxy’s the same way I did with the npm proxy’s and it didn’t work.