Particle Dev Device Selection

Is the target icon (select device you want to work on) in the Dev IDE supposed to do something? It does nothing.

“Select device…” from “Particle” menu works at least.

Ultimately I’m trying to select which firmware version to compile with and I can’t find a way to do that in the Dev IDE. Compiled using System.version() to see what version it is, and it’s “0.5.3-rc.1”. Any way to change this or can you only do it with the Web Build IDE?

Unfortunately, firmware selection isn’t yet available for Particle Dev. You have to use either the web IDE or the CLI for the time being.

Okay, well at least I’m not just blind. Guess I can make my own compile/flash utility.

Seems strange the Dev IDE forces you to use a firmware version other than a stable version.

CLI would be a ready to go build/flash utility with target selection.

But Dev does in fact build against the most recent stable/official version - no pre-releaes.

Well somehow flashing with Dev IDE yields a firmware version of 0.5.3 rc1 for me. At least that’s what it reports with System.version().

That is very odd since that’s neither the stable nor the most recent version :confused:

Have you at any point flashed that version using the web IDE? Dev won’t downgrade for you if the latest current release is lower than what you’ve got on there already.

Unfortunately Dev doesn’t support targeting firmware version different from default yet. We want to implement this soon but until then you should be able to use the CLI for this.

How about this then

Can this be or is this rather a misinterpretation of the version report as Jordy suspects?

Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on. Just to try it with the web IDE to see what happened, I set the firmware there to “default (0.5.2)” and the resulting flash also yielded “0.5.3-rc.1” as a result of “System.version()”.

So I can only assume that 0.5.2 is reporting its version incorrectly or both web and Dev IDE are flashing the wrong version.

None of the Dev tools will automatically downgrade for you, if you’ve got a higher system firmware than user firmware, it’s going to stick. Only when user > system will it automatically upgrade.
If you do want to downgrade, you’ll have to do so manually, using the CLI (or DFU Util, or serial…)

If you can provide the output of particle serial inspect we might be able to clear things up for you.

System version and app version are two seperate figures, but if you do particle identify you’ll only get the system version.
So does System.version() hence System and there is no function Application.version() :wink: