Way to change build target inside Particle Dev?

I am developing for Bluz and I need to specify the target to be 2.1.50. Using Particle CLI and the Web IDE I can set the target, using either --target, or changing the target for the device using the UI. Within Particle Dev it is using an older target which results in a failure to compile my code, I can’t find any options within Particle Dev to change the target. Thanks!

There is a hyperlink at the bottom of the application interface that you can use to change the build target. Let me know if that works for you!


That isn’t quite it. I need to be able to specify exactly which firmware version for Bluz. For instance when using the CLI:

this fails:

particle compile bluz

but this works:

particle compile bluz --target 2.1.50

I am assuming that by default it is building against 1.1.47 both for the CLI without the --target option, and in Particle Dev. So basically there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify the exact firmware version to compile against from within Particle Dev.

If that’s the case would you mind raising an issue here?

I can, but my issue is not with Particle CLI, it’s with Particle Dev.

That’s one of the most prominent sore points of Dev right from the beginning and was already widely discussed and well known to the devs.
I was surprised to see that it wasn’t fixed with the Libs 2.0 release.


Hey there @pnoyes – like @ScruffR mentioned, firmware version targeting isn’t yet available in Dev. With the amount of time we invested in the overhaul of the library manager, we wanted to make sure we got that primary feature shipped before tacking on additional features to the release that would delay shipment.

We’re aware that this is an often requested feature within the community, and will let you know as soon as we’ve added it.

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Thanks. In the interum could it be changed so that it is compiled using whatever firmware version is on the currently selected device? This would be a good intermediate step that wouldn’t involve any UI changes. Right now it is impossible develop for Bluz using Particle Dev because the defacto firmware is now 2.1.50 and there is no way to compile against it, even for devices that have already been upgraded.

You can use CLI for targeted building

particle compile bluz <projectPath> --target 2.2.50-beta.3

Understood. That is currently true for all Particle devices and compounds in Particle Dev (can only target latest default). To solve the problem you’re having, we’d much rather add firmware version support to Dev rather than change the global rules in our compile service which govern builds across all our development tools.

In the meantime, as @ScruffR mentioned, firmware version targeting is available in CLI for local development and in Build for online development. A new prerelease (2.2.50-beta.3) has just been release to production this morning to add new libraries support to Bluz, so keep an eye out for that.

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While attempting to compile for an Electron on Particle Dev, I was receiving a confusing error since the device has 0.6.2 on it and the IDE was set for the same version:

This project is only compatible with Particle system firmware v0.5.3 or later. 
You will need to update the system firmware running on your Electron before 
you can flash this project to your device.

Compiling the project via command line worked fine as a workaround.

particle compile electron <projectPath>