Particle Core no longer connecting


Hey so i have some original particle cores that use to work like a dream. I last plugged the one in in july and all was good.

I tried to revived it today and it just flashes slow cyan and wont connect. I cannot get it to change to the flashing blue light.

I can get it in to dfu mode and run particle upgrade and it says there is no updates available for it.

Ive tried doing a hard reset and that doesnt change anything different.

Any ideas on how to revive it?


particle serial wifi tested?
Could you 3 sec press Mode: should bring blue blinking up.


Hi @Devin

I would try refreshing the TI CC3000 WiFi part’s firmware which you can do in DFU mode:

particle flash --usb  cc3000
particle flash --usb tinker

Doc is here:


thanks but. It wont blink blue no matter how much I hold the mode button.


Thanks bko, i was looking for these commands. never seems to remember them.

I can run both those successfully but still it wont allow me to change the mode other than dfu.

Seems it might of packed up. was an original kickstarter one


Hi @Devin

I have had one Core pack it in (as they say), but it flashed white on reset indicating that the ARM could not talk to the CC3000. I believe the CC3000 was beyond repair on that device.


Thanks. i think this core has met the same fate.

Ive just gone through the same steps with some of my other cores and they working fine.