Particle cloud node-red integration in home assistant rebooting with unhandled exception

I’ve been struggling with a error where, best I can tell, node-red losses its connection to the cloud and then after a few reconnection attempts abends with an unhandled exception. I’m using the official integration with node-red in a home assistant deployment. Previously it was working fine. Now, several times a day it faults, takes down node-red entirely and restarts. I’m not sure what’s happening and could use any help. I’ve opened an issue on github here: [Cannot destructure property 'onEvent' of 'undefined' as it is undefined. · Issue #3 · particle-iot/node-red-contrib-particle-official · GitHub]


I found more information on potentially what’s happening here. The API gets a re-auth interval from the cloud which is about 2 hours. Then on attempting to re-auth it fails and throws an unhandled exception which causes node-red to completely stop and restart. I’ve worked around the issue by setting the timeout to the max allowed ~24 days. The issue persists and I’m not a javascript programmer so I don’t really understand how to address it. Anyone willing to help? Thanks! I’ve updated my findings in the GitHub issue for tracking.

@rickkas7 Greetings! Could you please take a look at issue #3 over on GitHub? I did some desktop testing outside of home assistant and found that the function nodes in the flow are the source of the issue. subscribe nodes do not exhibit the unhandled exception fault. Thanks a bunch.

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