Node-red-contrib-particle: node-RED & Particle devices

node-red-contrib-particle is a fork off @kvarma's original work done with node-red-contrib-sparkcore.

I've modified the code to provide an alternate, 3-node setup that uses configurations nodes. This gives a clear visual feedback of your nodes / Particle devices in node-RED:

The implementation of configuration nodes means multiple instances of the nodes can tap into the same cloud configuration set, saving time in building your node-RED flows:

I have tested this on a RPi local cloud, and barring the current issues the local spark-server has, these nodes should allow you to subscribe to SSEs, call functions and retrieve variables. If someone tests these on the cloud, please provide feedback here on whether it works (or not). Time delays might have to be manually increased if you have to connect to, ymmv.

Here's the original discussion related to using Spark Cores w/node-RED:



are you still maintaining this node ?
Can you possibly add a functionality to reconnect in case of an error ?
I mean instead of changing the icon to red dot - error, just try to reconnect ?
Thanks in advance.
This node randomly disconnects every few days, and all can be done is redeploy,
which is not suitable for a production environment.