"node-red publish event" has some problem

I built a node-red flow which connect to the particle cloud. The node-red has a particle node can publish event to particle cloud. And the event was publised to the particle cloud sucessfully. But, when I tried to use particle.subscriber to receive the event, the problem occured.
The particle.subscriber cannot receive this event. In the beginning, I think maybe the particle.subscriber I used wrong. But if I publish an event in particle cloud directly, the device can receive the event.

(press the arrow button to publish directly (maybe these two methods have some essential difference?))
Why my device cannot receive the event that node-red published? Please help me think the possible reason!

Publish and subscribe must feature the same scope.
PRIVATE events need to be subscribed to via MY_DEVICES and PUBLIC events via ALL_DEVICES (default if omitted) - you can’t mix the two.

Mark the two options next to the PUBLISH button

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Oh right. I got it! Thank you.