System Issue (or mine)

For the last hour or two, data/events do not get published to the individual device web page in the Sandbox. The events for all devices do show in the Sandbox Events page.

Any requests for data through function calls on the individual device web page returns data/events to the Sandbox Events page but not to the individual device pages. Functions and variables do work on the individual device pages.

As well, all my node red particle nodes are either non-responsive of show errors (in the case of SSE for individual topics).

Could this be a problem with my access tokens, or is it a more widespread issue? Everything was working fine on the device pages and in my node red flows until about two hours ago.



I am curious if this is something you’re actively seeing right now? We did have a drop a bit earlier, which you can learn more from here: Particle Status - Brief Drop in Events (Console/API Only).

If this is something you’re still encountering, if you could privately message me a couple of the Device ID’s you’re encountering the issue with.

Yes, still experiencing the issue. I had seen the other issue on the Status page.
I’ll message you shortly with device ID’s.

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Thank you, that would be great.

Further info - when I first load the device page I get current/recent device vitals. When I refresh, I get nothing (other than cell info)

HI Grant,

When you’re on this page, you should see a drop down that can change the view for 7 Days and beyond.

All event data does go away and is not stored as you’re already probably aware.

Yes, thanks.
Still not getting any event data on the device page, and a refresh of the last vitals section returns nothing (other than cell data).

Were you able to find anything from the device id’s?

Hi @grantselectron - we are seeing events from the IDs you sent. Given that this is likely to be a back-and-forth involving details of your setup, would you mind creating a ticket at @lanceseidman is standing by to dive in deeper and will watch for your ticket.

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