[updated] node-red-contrib-particle v1.0.0

updated to v0.2.1 v1.0.0 (to follow semver practice):

For changelog and other details, please refer to the github repo:

I’ve been maintaining this set of nodes since 2015 that simplify the connection between Particle devices and Node-RED, mainly for my teaching and research purposes. I reckon it has gone through sufficient rounds of tests in my classrooms and feedback for me to post this announcement here :slight_smile:

This new update has breaking changes (sorry), adopts the Particle JS API, has Product support, and introduces a Utility node for testing and retrieving device information. Please refer to changelog and readme for more details.

If you are upgrading the package, please note dependencies have changed. A normal npm install in your node-red-contrib-particle folder should do the trick. Re-install the node if it’s giving you issues. Due to the breaking changes, your existing Particle nodes will have to be set up again.



Hi ChuanK

Thank you for you node development.
I’m using Photon with node-red-contrib particle but some issues come up
that stop the flow after 10 or 12 hours from it has been triggered.
I got some info from the CLI that , someone at Node-Red forum
suggested me consult with you.
If you agree I can upload that info.
Thank you in advance.


i’m assuming you are having problems with the SSE node.

if you are, this is an issue that’s plagued the SSE node for a while now – it would appear that the reconnect attempts between your NR installation and the Particle cloud didn’t work and it gave up after that length of time.

once i have the time on the weekend i’ll look into ways to fix this

Thank you for spend your time to fix this issue.
I include me among many user who are gonna give you
the thanks to you. :slightly_smiling_face: