Particle-cli Update

I’m trying to upgrade the particle cli in my windows 10 cmd prompt.

I was able to upgrade in the Node.js cmd prompt by typing npm upgrade -g particle -cli
and now the Node.js cmd prompt answer 1.18 when I type particle --version.

But in my windows cmd prompt, if I type particle --version, I’m still at 1.16 and the upgrade command does nothing (no output, no errors).

What do I have to do to update the windows cmd prompt to use the latest version of particle-cli?

It seems as though you’ve got two separate versions installed. Personally, I’d remove both, then use the auto-installer for Windows. That should also auto-update it in the future :smile: If you don’t want to use the auto-installer, then still remove both, and install it from the Windows command prompt, rather than the node.js one.

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Thanks for the fast answer.

I was able to remove the 1.18 version by typing
npm uninstall -g particle-cli

but not I’m stuck with particle-cli 1.16 and I’m not sure how to uninstall it…

If you look for ‘particle’ under your installed programs, can you remove it there?
Can you try uninstalling it from the command prompt in which you’re seeing that version (the Windows one in this case)?

it wasn’t working in the cmd line but it workind in the installed programs (too easy!)

After that I had to search to find a link for the particle cli installer and I found it here:

Everything is up to date now! Thanks

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