Updating the CLI manually


I using a window 7 machine and got prompted to update my CLI

C:\Users\Cyber>particle setup
particle-cli v1.27.0
! A newer version (1.38.0) of particle-cli is available.
! Upgrade now by running: npm install -g particle-cli

Now, I really know not to use npm install -g particle-cli

and after looking back through my previous posts on this issue tried

particle update-cli

Which failed…

C:\Users\Cyber>particle update-cli
particle: Unknown command: “update-cli”

Not sure whats going on… I’m sure I’ve used update-cli in the past…


If update-cli is not known to your current CLI version you probably haven’t installed it via the Windows installer in the first place.
I’d suggest you remove all installations of CLI (npm and/or Windows Add/Remove Features in Control Panel) and then reinstall via the most recent Windows Installer.

After that updates should be pulled in automatically and update-cli should be a valid command.

Hi Scruff,

I thought I had stripped this machine of all previous installs and installed via Windows installer… I’ll have another go when I get a chance…