Particle CLI doesnt updated correctly

When updating or installing CLI it seems that the Node Command prompt updates correctly but if CLI is ran from the window cmd that it doesnt update. PLease see below picture. Anyone have an idea so that the cmd from windows also updates. Both share the same directory…

This seems to indicate that you have multiple instances of CLI installed on your system.

You should always use the -g swtich with npm to ensure you are installing a global instance and only work on that.
Without this switch, you’ll install/update a CLI instance in the directory you’re located at the moment of execution and when then perforiming any particle ... command you’ll get the local and not the global instance started.

I’d suggest you search your system for any instance of CLI, remove them all and only install it once globally.

BTW, in Windows using the CLI Installer would rid you of that trouble and future updates would be pulled via particle update-cli without the need to care about local/global diffrences.


Thanks, I uninstalled everything CLI and did a fresh install with the installer. All is good now!