Particle CLI Setup

I am trying to steup the Partial CLI on my work machine that is very tied down security wise. We have to use a proxy server that requires and user name and password.

I finally managed to get Node.js installed, but now I can not get the particle cli to run. If I type
Particle login I get these errors

particle: Adding dependencies…
! Get dial tcp i/o timeout
particle: Installing plugins…

! exec: “C:\Users\e742033\AppData\Local\particle\node-v5.4.1-windows-x64\bin\node.exe”: file does not exist
particle: Installing plugins (retrying)…
! Error installing package.
! Try running again with GODE_DEBUG=info to see more output.

I am assuming that first get of node.exe is the issue. Is there any way I can configure a proxy server for the particle application or does it use the same proxy settings as npm?

On a windows box, use the following commands to set the proxy for the current env:

SET HTTP_PROXY=http://yourproxy:8080
SET HTTPS_PROXY=http://yourproxy:8080
particle setup

You can also set HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY in your environment variables for your whole system if required.