Particle CLI MFA


I’m trying to use particle-agent 0.2.4 to log in to particle from my Raspberry Pi 4 (inside Docker).
The CLI installed correctly, however I get the following error when logging in:

⠦  Logging in 
Particle cloud error. mfa_required

Am I doing something wrong? I would expect the CLI to ask for the 2nd factor auth here.

The Particle on Raspberry Pi project (particle-agent) has been long-discontinued. It predates multi-factor authentication and is unable to log into an account that has MFA enabled.


Thanks for the reply. I am installing the cli accoring to the docs.

Since this is pure bash, why does it make a difference?

I could be mistaken, but it appears that that message exists in the particle-agent setup, but not in the Particle CLI.

The particle-agent setup doesn’t support MFA based on the code in the perform_login function.

Yes, the error is exactly there. Perhaps I’ve phrased my problem wrongly, sorry about that.

I assumed the particle-agent 0.2.4 is part of the Particle CLI.

So I guess this is what you mean by “not maintained anymore”, the ruby part… :sweat_smile: