Login to Particle Cloud on Desktop IDE "mfa_required" error

When I try to log into the Particle Cloud in Desktop IDE I get the error, “mfa_required”. I logged out to try to solve the issue where no devices load and when I went to log back in I got this error. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

I disabled MFA and was able to log in. What is the process to log in via Desktop IDE when MFA is turned on?

The current desktop IDE does not support MFA and there are no plans to as we are moving to the recently announced Particle Workbench as our mainline desktop solution.

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@samt, will the new Particle Workbench support MFA or will we need to disable two-factor on our accounts?


The objective is to log in from Desktop IDE , witch is filling with error saying MFA is required. So are you saying desktop IDE is not supported anymore ?

Currently there still are two desktop IDEs: Particle Dev and Particle Workbench. As mentioned above, support for Particle Dev will be phased out in favor of Workbench. As such, MFA won’t become available for Dev anymore.

So how do I log in if it is still supported

I’d say the answer if you asked support crew would be: “You can’t and won’t be. T/MFA is a new feature that came after development for Desktop IDE was stopped. You either need to move to Workbench or deactivate T/MFA”.

Ok thanks

So is developer workbench released yet ? I didn’t see it mentioned in the documentation as a dev option . I found an announcement of its future release.

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I have the same problem. How can I disable the MFA in Windows 8.1?

Thanks for this Info.
Shouldn’t this be mentioned when enabling mfa ?

So i have to disable mfa because i am using atom and i am happy with it


How do i deactivate T/MFA to keep using the desktop IDE ?

You can turn on or off MFA from:


You can also log into https://console.particle.io and use the Edit Account item in the popup menu with your email address in the upper right corner of the console.

Both methods have the same messages - “Could not validate OTP” - ???

Problem solved. Had to dug out my old phone and with old simcard and then the code worked.