Install particle software on RasPi over terminal


I was trying to install the Particle software on my RasPi 3b with
bash <( curl -sL )
and even
sudo particle-agent setup
after that, but when trying to login to the Particle Cloud it repeats coming up with the same error:
Particle cloud error. mfa_required
and i can’t make sense of all the answers when i google that.

Which makes me ask: Is there any chance to install it over a terminal session? And if so: how?



mfa_required means you have Particle cloud set for two-factor authentication. I don’t use the Particle cloud personally, so I’m not sure how two-factor works on the command line, but that hopefully should give you a place to start searching in the forum. You could also temporarily disable two-factor and give that a shot.


Thanks, picsil!

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