Particle boron cloud status "unreachable" after setup


I setup 10 particle borons yesterday and they are all having trouble connecting to the cloud and running the proper program. All 10 devices were added to a product line and were queued to download the latest firmware release OTA. The devices are not able to connect to the cloud, and are all giving the status unreachable report (please see attached). The SIMs appear active, but the devices do not download the correct firmware from the OTA update. They seem to be running some generic program, due to the generic particle functions that are shown (please see attached screenshot). The firmware version that was released for an OTA update is running properly on a particle boron that was a development unit before we received the 10 final units to deploy. The single particle boron was able to properly download the OTA firmware update after a power cycle. Is this issue I am seeing with the 10 borons a result of just setting up the devices yesterday? Will I need to wait for some time before they are able to connect to the cloud? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.