Boron - Unreachable for Flash, but sends in data?

I have 4 Boron’s deployed remotely in a test environment. They all report regularly and two of them work fine for OTA flash. But two others do not. They are all running the same application software. The following shows a transmission via webhook (I deleted all the data) followed by an attempt to upload - getting “Unreachable”. The other device gives similar results. One thing of note: The two that flash OTA successfully are running firmware 3.0.0 while the ones that are “unreachable” are running 2.0.0 and 2.0.1. I’ve tried selecting the older firmware as well as 3.0.0 but can’t seem to flash OTA either way. I’m using VC with Particle Workbench. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

spark/flash/status failed aqiBoron_01 10/5/21 at 4:49:26 pm
spark/device/diagnostics/update {“service”:{“device”:{“status”:“unreachable”},“cloud”:{“uptime”:50,“publish”:{“sent”:2}},“coap”:{“round_trip”:null}}} aqiBoron_01 10/5/21 at 4:48:17 pm
spark/flash/status started aqiBoron_01 10/5/21 at 4:47:59 pm
particle/device/updates/pending false aqiBoron_01 10/5/21 at 4:47:28 pm
hook-sent/xxx_Link particle-internal 10/5/21 at 4:47:28 pm
AQI_Link … DATA … aqiBoron_01 10/5/21 at 4:47:28 pm
particle/device/updates/forced false aqiBoron_01 10/5/21 at 4:47:27pm
particle/device/updates/enabled true aqiBoron_01 10/5/21 at 4:47:27 pm
spark/status online aqiBoron_01 10/5/21 at 4:47:27 pm

It may be that your code is starving the cloud task for incoming traffic.
You can put the device in Safe Mode and try to flash OTA.

To prevent your code from interfering with the cloud process, you could use SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED)
To pinpoint the actual reason for the erroneous behaviour we’d need to see your code :wink:

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