Particle Argon allowing access to network for in field site

This should be a simple one but wanter to make sure I get it right! We are putting a project in field
I’m just coordinating with the network person for the site to make sure our devices can get access to their network. They’ve asked the following

“Allowing access to​ ( – I can see this resolves to cloudfront IP currently. Does this change or is it a fixed address for the site?”

I assume it’s a fixed address?

That’s the IP address of the console, but not what the Argon connects to. The Argon itself sends UDP packets to port 5684 address <device_id>. It also will receive packets from the IP address it sends to, which should be automatically handled by the router and does not require dedicated port forwarding in most cases. It also requires working DNS (UDP 53) and uses as the DNS server.

The IP addresses of the cloud are subject to change. These are the current IP addresses for the Argon, Boron, Electron, and E Series, but could change in the future:

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Thank you so much @rickkas7 giving the network teams this info is helping a lot.

I had struggles today on a new network - the particle went through it’s normal cycle but got stuck with connecting- it flash cyan fast then orange 3 times - then back to cyan fast then orange (repeat)

The network info is below - I’m guessing the issue might be the IP address range?

WiFi-ReceivArea wifi has no blocks on outbound traffic. All ports are open for outbound traffic from that network interface.

DHCP provides as DNS.

DHCP IP range is to

Gateway is

DNS is

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