Can't connect to cloud?

Just turned on my kit this morning (2 x Boron, 1 x Argon) and they are doing this.

I have an Electron on the same carrier that is 100Km away and it’s connected and ok.

Any clues?

My Borons are doing that too. Just started in the past hour. Other mesh gateway devices seem to be OK

Same problem here with an Argon.

…and there we go.

It was a little hardere than I would have expected to find this in the forum. I’ve subsequently found and bookmarked the particle status page:

same with our argon + 5 xenons for about 6 hours. Serious!

Glad I checked the forums, same problem here. Thanks for that status page link, super useful.

Now, our mesh network begins to work. It seems the cloud has some serious problems…

…and we’re back - yay!!!