Device Cloud Connection Requirements

I am looking for a definitive guide on device cloud connection requirements. I do not see anything in the documentation other than a brief mention of “tcp://”. I did find a great post by @rickkas7 that also calls out that CoAP requirement but further specifies addresses that need to be accessible over TCP port 443.

I am facing an issue where a restrictive firewall is preventing connection from an Argon device. If it doesn’t already exist, I propose a clear and complete section in the documentation that describes the connection specifics for all device cloud features. If someone at Particle can educate me on the details, I would be willing to author the public documentation.

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The Photon and P1 are different than other devices. Those require outbound TCP port 5683 (CoAP) and DNS.

The Argon and Xenon with Ethernet require outbound UDP port 5684. They will also require a response back to the random port that is assigned for the return packet. That is specified by the source port of the outbound UDP packet.

The list of server IP addresses changes frequently so we don’t recommend trying to hardcode the server IP addresses. You can find out the list of all current IP addresses by using the dig command:


You would need to whitelist all of the IP addresses. Keep in mind they may change without notice.

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