Firewall Outbound Destination Address

I am setting up some Argon devices into a customer’s network. They have a relatively secure network and only permit outbound port connections to a specific address.

I had originally tried “” but it does not seem to be working. I noticed that it resolves to “” - and I’m wondering if that works for UDP connections?

Should I be using “” in the firewall settings instead?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

The address is used by the Photon and P1 only. The address is used by all Gen 3 devices (including the Argon), and and also Gen 2 cellular devices (Electron and E Series).

If you are allow-listing by IP address, you can’t just resolve that address and add it, because it rotates every minute. The current list of IP addresses can be found in the firewalls page.

Thank you Rick, it’s an enterprise-grade firewall that allows URLs to be entered, so I don’t need to list the IP addresses.

As a follow-up question, when performing a device firmware upgrade, are there any special firewall requirements for that?

All device communications including functions, variables, publish, subscribe, and OTA firmware updates occur over the same CoAP connection via UDP, so no additional firewall rules are required.