Firewall Config for Argon

I am deploying some Argon’s onto my companies corporate network, and they have to open up our firewall, or rather, create the rules which give the specific device a path to the resources it needs access to on the internet.
The only access through the firewall the Argon will need is to be able to receive code flashes, and push code flashes to the Xenon’s on it’s mesh network. All of the activity it will be doing is on the local network, posting to a webserver on our internal network.

I see on other posts, Photon can connect through firewall but not argon, that I need to open CoAP UDP port 5684. Is that all that is needed to allow code flashes to go through the firewall?


UDP port 5684 inbound and outbound. And also DNS (port 53) to

Perfect, thanks. Hopefully I’ll be testing this today.